Professional Wool Rug Cleaning in New York

Wool rugs are commonly used in domestic and commercial places because they are pliant, easy to maintain and durable. Wool rug cleaning consists of standard sweeping and vacuuming, rotating, and carefully removing spots and stains. However, the user must have correct knowledge of its cleaning process and material to be used.
Wool rug cleaning is best done outdoors with ample water, soap and sunlight and allowed to dry completely. Shampoo a rug a couple of times a year and see how new your carpet can remain. Wool rugs are usually too large or delicate to be washed in the washing machine. One can easily wash a wool rug outside on a verandah using wool soap or carpet shampoo. Correct wool carpet cleaning will result in a long-term floor covering with bright colors and no permanent stains.

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How to Clean Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are like other types of area rugs except that they have the hair of sheep. The wool rug will become dirty and soiled with daily use, and require a thorough cleaning. You can have the rug professionally cleaned; alternatively, as mentioned above, you can clean the rug yourself at home with a few common household items.

Tips and Warnings

1. Never use dry powders on wool rugs because the powder will become ensnared in the wool’s fibers. Cleaning can be done with a quarter cup of vinegar (preferably white vinegar), half teaspoon of dish washing liquid or liquid laundry detergent, and two cups of warm water. However for specific stains you may need other recommended solutions.
2. A few stains like those of clean varnish, lacquer, nail polish, lipstick, candle wax and rust will need an expert carpet cleaner. Some other household spills that can’t be successfully treated at home with spot cleaning solutions are dry mustard, turmeric and saffron. A renowned name in this business is Sunlight Carpet Cleaning Company NY which works to customer satisfaction and at most affordable rates too.
3. When the wool rug cleaning has been done at home, take care that the area must be dried completely within 24 hours or mold or bacteria may grow. It is best to dry a carpet outside but if not possible, try a fan or a hairdryer (set on cool), drying the area quickly.