Rug Cleaning Services

Most people do not think as Area Rug Cleaning Services as an important way of keeping their Homes & Offices cleaner and more comfortable. By keeping your rugs free from dirt and allergens you can maintain that “clean” feeling you experience when you enter your home.
Area rugs are usually different than other types of carpets. They are normally nicer and more expensive than standard floor carpeting in rooms. Usually area rugs are a focal point of a room. Area rugs are generally more used and as such they get very dirty after years of use.

Keep Your Area Rug Well Maintained

If you do not clean your area rugs regularly, then they become unattractive and start looking shabby. Therefore area rug cleaning is recommended yearly. Dusting your rugs from time to time at home can also keep it in good shape.

Pet Urine Treatment For Area Rugs

We offer special treatment for Pet urine : putting the area rug in a sanitation bath for couple of days to soak all the urine smell , then we wash it again with deep shampoo cleaning process.

Free Tips For Area Rug Care

To ensure your area rugs last a long time you must ensure that the rug is flipped over and vacuumed & cleaned every 3-8 months, using a beater bar connection to be able to release the dust as well as grit. Dust and dirt gets into the carpet and can trigger materials to break down. Such things happen if the dirt and dust crushes with the fabric by walking over it.

Get Professional Help

To keep your area rugs clean & fresh, ensure that the specialist you hire has experience in area rug cleaning. We at Carpet Cleaning NY are area rug cleaning providers aware of exactly how fragile area rugs are and hence apply various chemical substances and techniques that are most suitable.

It is a good option to get your rug cleaned by professionals every year or so depending on use.

Spills – Make sure you clean the spills as soon as possible. Use dried out fabric to soak the liquid. Apply gently, without rubbing. Make sure to dry each side of the area rug whenever possible. For spillages other than water, get professional help for area rug cleaning any stains.

These are a few basic tips that will help you keep the carpet clean for many years.

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