Deep Carpet Cleaning Methods by Carpet Cleaning New York

A carpet is a covering for the floor that has a base material over which tufts or piles are attached to give it a soft surface. Since the earliest days of their existence, carpets have been used for beatification and have come to be synonymous with luxury and style. Till today they are admired for their majestic looks bordering on comfort and elegance. Pieces of woven poetry for the floor, carpets symbolize well-groomed interiors. It is not surprising that much attention is showered on their upkeep and maintenance. There are different methods available to for carpet cleaning – at CCNY, we provide surface steaming and deep rug cleaning. Cleaning is essential for durability and hygiene of a carpet and consists of removal of grit, sand, dirt, odors and stains.

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Two of the major techniques of cleaning carpets are:

1.Surface Steam cleaning
2.Deep cleaning
The method you adopt largely depends on the material and construction of your carpet. As the name suggests deep cleaning procedures cleanse the carpets from deep within. This should ideally be carried out every 12-18 months. Some of the most popular systems used successfully by millions are:
•Shampooing – The aim here is to create a lot of foam on the surface with rotary machines, leave it to attract the soil and later vacuum it away. The shampoo contains a chemical which gives a brighter finish to the carpet. Ensure the carpet dries up quickly after shampooing to get its fresh looks back.
•Hot water extraction – This is by far the most widespread means of cleaning your floor covering. Hot water is infused into the fibers along with a cleaning solution. This method is a tough one and gets rid of every type of dirt and stains except the areas already discolored. A totally innovative way, hot water or steam can do wonders for your carpet.
•Absorbent pad method – This technique uses a chemically saturated pad to absorb the dirt away. The finish is something to marvel at.
•Foam – This is a preferred method for older carpets as it is very mild and does not wrought any harm to the delicate fibers. It entails sprinkling a kind of foamy chemicals on the carpet, leaving it to act and then vacuuming the grit away.
•Dry extraction – Special detergent compounds are injected around the fibers which attract the dirt, oil and soil that can be vacuumed away along with the chemicals. This leaves the carpet looking simply great.